Sophia Electric 91-03 300B amplifier won Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award in 2014.

91-03 300B amplifier

91-03 300B amplifier
PFO Reviewer Jeff Day:"Record after record, the result was pretty much the same: whether I was listening to jazz, classical, opera, or rock & roll I was always immersed into an intense musical experience with the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B integrated amplifier.

"I love the way Richard voiced the Sophia Electric 91-03, and I think he truly achieved his goal of combining the best of vintage musicality with modern sonics. In my system the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B integrated amplifier has a warm, natural, colorful, and dynamic sound, which makes music exciting and rewarding to listen to. The Sophia Electric 91-03 is very evenly balanced top-to-bottom, with bass response that is tight, deep, agile, and tuneful, and never overblown the way it is with some 300B amplifiers, and it has highs that sound extended and silky smooth.

"Music lovers talk about how single ended triode (SET) amplifiers like the Sophia Electric 91-03 excel in the midrange, and by doing so provide a more direct and intense connection to the music. Over the years I have found the praise of SETs magic midrange qualities to be largely true, and I have really enjoyed listening to the SET amplifiers that have come my way.

"What sets the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B SET integrated amplifier apart from all the other SETs I have listened to is that it extends that SET magic midrange up into the highs and down into the lows, and at the same time that it provides an intensely musical experience, it also provides exceptional sonic performance. It is simply the best, most enjoyable, fun to listen to, and exciting SET amplifier I have ever had in my system. As a bonus, the price is very fair.

"I really like the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B SET integrated amplifier, it is an exceptionally musical piece of hi-fi electronics, and I can't think of a better choice for the beating heart of your hi-fi system. Yes, indeed, highly recommended!"

Sophia Electric™ Performance Level Ranking System

Every Sophia Electric amplifier has magical great sound. However, the great sound from $20K 845 Amplifiers are way above the great sound from a 1K Baby amplifier. There is a performance level ranking system to rank the good sound at different price point. Sophia Electric amplifiers have been designed with different design objective in mind through circuit design and parts mix for each audiophile level.

Level Five: Statement Series

The Sophia Electric Level Five amplifiers have the best possible design and execution.

Model 91-05 300B Single Ended Amplifier in Dual Mono Stereo Model 845-05 single Ended 845 Mono-block tube amplifiers
300B amplifier MK3 845 amplifier

Level Three: Sophia Electric Magic-Amplifier Series

By using Dr. DWU's secret recipe, Sophia Electricís amplifiers at this level would outperform competitions with a comfortable lead. The Sophia Electric Level Three Magic-Amplifiers have musical, airy and natural sounding characters. The amplifiers deliver high level of resolution without being bright. Sophia Electric high end amplifiers are keepers for their owners.

Sophia Electric™ 91-03 300B Amplifier Sophia Electric™ Magic 126S-03 Amplifier
91-03 amplifier Magic 126S-03 amp
NewSophia Electric™ Prodigy Tube Amplifier
Prodigy amplifier

Level One: Heritage Series

Sophia Electric level one amplifiers use the traditional circuit with Sophia Electricís superior transformers.

Sophia Electric 91-01 300B Signature mono-blocks Sophia Electric 91-01 300B mono-block amplifiers
300B signature mono block 300B mono block
Sophia Electric M88-01 mono-block amplifiers
KT88 mono block

Level Zero (entry level): Baby Amplifier

Baby Amplifier Baby II Amplifier
Baby amplifier Baby II

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