New release: Sophia Electric blue glass 6SN7(click here) has rich tonality and big sound stage. Designed to compliment to Aqua 274B and Classic 300B tubes, the new 6SN7 is a great choice to replace vintage 6SN7 tubes in all tube pre-amplifiers and tube amplifiers.

Sophia Electric COke Bottle 6SN7 input/driver tubes

Patented coke-bottle EL34 ST long life tube (available now): richest tonality & best musicality

Jeff Day's Positive Feedback Online Review (click here): “The Sophia Electric EL34-ST are simply the finest vacuum tubes I've ever had the pleasure to experience in my Leben CS-600 integrated amplifier. They are remarkably musically satisfying, full of emotional impact and excitement, are very refined and articulate, tonally gorgeous, with an effortlessly beautiful and satisfying overall presentation that allowed me to get caught up in the music and forget about everything else.

Highly recommended!”

EL 34 ST tubes

New Sophia Electric™ Aqua 274B Rectifier Tubes with live-like sonic performance

Jeff Day's Positive Feedback Online Review (click here): “The sonics with Sophia Electric Aqua 274B rectifiers were superb, with a huge sense of space, vividly present images, a wide and deep soundstage, lots of resolution of musically meaningful nuance, and superb dynamics.

"The Sophia Electric Aqua 274B rectifiers easily outperformed my British NOS Haltron 5U4G rectifiers and the also excellent NOS RCA 5U4GB rectifiers, making them sound lean, washed out tonally, bleached in tone color, and rather average, which they aren't!

"The Sophia Electric Aqua 274B rectifiers are just so good that my other rectifiers paled in comparison, with Aqua 274B's being transparent, nuanced, smooth, colorful, natural, and dynamic presentation, that makes the music sound live, beautiful, and emotionally involving—they're something special!"

Aqua 274B tubes

Sophia Electric Magik Box
3-Weeks Home Audition Policy

Positive Feedback Online Review (click here): "I was shocked. I thought my system sounded good. It does sound good. It is a revealing and hi-rez audio system. But I didn't realize it was missing what the Magik Box brought to it. It brought fullness, dimension, and made the music very inviting." -- Francisco Duran

Magik Box

Patented coke-bottle KT88-ST long life tube: the most refined sounding with best extension
Cure for dark sounding KT88 amplifiers

Positive Feedback Online Review: "The Sophia Coke Bottle KT88-ST's easily bested my modest collection of glass bottles. These tubes brought to my system clean and detailed high frequencies, round, dimensional, realistic midrange, and full, rich, and taut dynamic bass. This is a very coherent, highly musical tube." -- Francisco Duran

Darren Henley: "The tubes sound so good, that I find myself pulling up track after track. Addictive audio. The most remarkable part of their performance is the seemingly grain-less flow that isn’t limited to the mid-range, but extends in both directions out from center. There is such ease to the sound that I am listening more to music than the sound." -- Full Review

Sophia Electric KT88 tubes PFO award

Sophia Electric Prodigy Tube Amplifier, first class workmanship, magical sound at $3,500

Prodigy amplifier

91-01 signature 300B mono-block tube amplifiers

91-01 signature 300B amplifier

New Sophia Electric™ Classic 300B Tubes with Vintage WE 300B Soul Inside and out

WE 300B replica tubes

126S tube amplifier: combine sonic beauty and power

126S amplifier

The 11th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2014 - The Best of the Best!
The Sophia Electric 91-03 300B Stereo Integrated Amplifier ($6500 USD)
by Jeff Day

91-03 300B amplifier

91-03 300B amplifier

Record after record, the result was pretty much the same: whether I was listening to jazz, classical, opera, or rock & roll I was always immersed into an intense musical experience with the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B integrated amplifier.

I love the way Richard voiced the Sophia Electric 91-03, and I think he truly achieved his goal of combining the best of vintage musicality with modern sonics. In my system the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B integrated amplifier has a warm, natural, colorful, and dynamic sound, which makes music exciting and rewarding to listen to. The Sophia Electric 91-03 is very evenly balanced top-to-bottom, with bass response that is tight, deep, agile, and tuneful, and never overblown the way it is with some 300B amplifiers, and it has highs that sound extended and silky smooth.

91-03 300B amplifier

Music lovers talk about how single ended triode (SET) amplifiers like the Sophia Electric 91-03 excel in the midrange, and by doing so provide a more direct and intense connection to the music. Over the years I have found the praise of SETs magic midrange qualities to be largely true, and I have really enjoyed listening to the SET amplifiers that have come my way.

What sets the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B SET integrated amplifier apart from all the other SETs I have listened to is that it extends that SET magic midrange up into the highs and down into the lows, and at the same time that it provides an intensely musical experience, it also provides exceptional sonic performance. It is simply the best, most enjoyable, fun to listen to, and exciting SET amplifier I have ever had in my system. As a bonus, the price is very fair.

I really like the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B SET integrated amplifier, it is an exceptionally musical piece of hi-fi electronics, and I can't think of a better choice for the beating heart of your hi-fi system. Yes, indeed, highly recommended!

91-03 300B amplifier

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