S.E.T.™ Music EL-34 Amplifier -- Discontinued

120V USA model EL34 amplifiers are sold out.
235V European model El34 amplifiers blow out special: $850 with 30 days warranty.
Cost to convert 235V to 120V: $250 extra for new power transformer and labor.

Buyers be aware:

Similar looks do not mean from the same maker
Similar tube arrangement may not have the same circuit designs
Copied circuit may not have the same parts and power/output transformers
(Sophia Electric transformers are epoxy potted to against copycats)
Copycat unit may not have the same sound nor the same reliability
(imagine the copycat amp may use capacitors pulled from the old TV you trashed fifteen years ago)


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We are offering a new 28 watts version made in Virginia and California.

Sophia Electric Engineers hand built each unit with various upgrades.

Smaller power of 28 watts trades for even more performance.

Quieter filament.

Even Less parts count, thus even more reliable.

There is no affordable tube amp sounds this good at the current market. Do not settle for any other amps without first audition this Sophia Electric engineers made S.E.T.Music El34 stereo integrated amplifier.

El-34 amplifier

We are very excited with this new offering in this entry level market where there is no shortage of cheap amps. The big deal is not the power (any push and pull amp can have power), rather the tonal quality that is unheard of for an amplifier under $3000. Special attention has been made to female voice, strings and piano sound reproduction The liquid mid and highs have surprising grace, which translates into truly life like presence, clean and articulate without that solid-state transistor glaze. Super low distortion, big sound stage. The performance has pace and rhythm. This is a true entry-level amplifier to audiophile happiness. It may be of all the amp that a person wants or needs. It is only slightly less than that of our 845 single ended amplifier. For this little price, it is a winner! To listen is to believe.

Teaming up with a good CD player and a pair of speakers (any conventional speakers above 85db with 8ohm output impedance would work), you have a great sounding system (or second system).

Recommended upgrades:

1. Signal coupling capacitors upgrade (4 units of capacitors): $120.

2. Powercord $175 for 5 feet length.

3. Speaker cable: 8 feet pair $300, 10 feet pair $350.

4. Interconnection cable: 3 feet pair $400, 6 feet pair $600.

"S.E.T." stands for Sophia Electric Technology.

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