Sophia Electric™ KT88 Tube Amplifier

Combines both Sonic beauty and power

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We are very excited to introduce Sophia Electric™ KT88 tube Amplifier. Though there is no shortage of push-pull KT88 amplifiers in the market, the big deal here is that this Sophia Electric™ KT88 amp combines beauty once only available from low wattage single ended tube amps and the big tube amp power of 40 watts per channel that makes speaker choice a lot easier.

KT88 amplifier

Design Features:

1.Revolutionary circuit design proved the popular ultra linear design was wrong. This Sophia Electric circuit can deliver sonic beauty in addition to 50 Watts X 2 power output.

2. Dual Mono Power Supplies: This is not an ordinary integrated amplifier that both channels and all stages share one power supply; rather, this amplifier is equivalent to one pair of mono-block amps + pre-amp built into one chassis with three complete set of power supplies (one box solution with good sound).

3. Unmatched Parts Quality: Audiophile oil capacitors for power supply, three units of military specification chokes made by Siemens of West Germany in the power supply, Sophia Electric brand audiophile signal capacitors, Sophia Electric in-house hand winding output transformers, and mixed Allen-bradley Carbon, Holco/Dale/Caddock resistors.

This Sophia Electric™ amp would work well with almost any speakers (8 ohm and 4 ohm) from 84dB efficiency to 100+ dB efficiency (it is quiet, almost super quiet). We even listen to this powerful amp with 104 dB horn speakers for a while. There is enough sonic beauty and deep black quietness in the music to allure listeners to keep listening hours without thinking of this unusual setup.

Team up with those conventional speakers like ProAC 2.5, 3.8, J.M. lab Utopia speakers or the main stream xyz speaker models, this Sophia Electric KT88 amp will shine with super-high resolution without being bright, dynamic presentation without to be noisy, and with a lot of transparency (yes, we made it possible for KT88 Amp to have transparency and liquidity).

Good amps come from high taste skillful voicing and years of experience. It is not something that can be made in every garage. The best way to hear the sonic difference is to A/B them. Your ears would be the best judge.

Dual-mono Stereo integrated: $6,000.

Teaming up with a good CD player and a pair of speakers (any conventional speakers), you have a great sounding system.

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