Sophia Electric™ Prodigy Tube Amplifier
Exceptional sonic performance, built quality and long-lasting value

Built On Order, introductory special price: $3000

Once this Prodigy amplifier is on, the lush musical sound will sell itself. 95% of the 300B, 2A3 and 845 amplifiers in the marketplace can't compete with this Prodigy for sound and built quality.

It is a Prodigy for Sophia Electric Sonic Magic and Excellence.

For this new Prodigy tube amplifier, the designer Richard Wugang used two single ended tubes alternating to work in push-pull actions. Thus it has lush liquid and seductive sound just like single ended amplifiers and full bodied sound for its 4 times more power (than single ended). As a result, the resolution and dynamics are of first class. The mid range and highs are to die for with its magical sound. The Bass is great with excellent extension and weight foundation.

Overall it is a magical sounding amplifier that will challenge many $10,000 price range amplifiers for both build quality and sonic beauty.

The name of Prodigy speaks for its status in the Sophia Electric product lines. It is a Prodigy for Sophia Sonic magic.

Prodigy amplifier

Prodigy amplifier

Price: $2,995 for a standard production. Upgrade options are available at additional cost.

User feedback:

- Sophia Electric Prodigy amplifier performs way better in every regard than a well regarded brand's EL84 amp which I own (which costs way more than the Prodigy amp).

- Not perfectly silent, extremely minor hiss from speakers, same volume as my hard-drive, I guess the amp is designed for 90db speakers.

- Enough gain for my small room right now, but my source DAC outputs 6V.

- The Prodigy amp met my expectations and was exactly what I was looking for, thank you ( would gladly do business again very soon, subject to me opening the amp up and happy with the innards).

Carl, Canada

When Richard from Sophia Electric told me he was releasing a 6V6 based integrated amplifier called the Prodigy, I said "put my name on one". You see Richard has an uncanny ability to voice his amplifiers to play music in a most satisfying way. I know because I owned his 9101 300B monos for some time. The new 12 watts Prodigy exhibits a sense of musical flow and overall balance from top to bottom. After approximately 100 hours of break-in, I'm very very happy with this amplifier. I have a small stable of amplifiers using various power tubes such as EL34, 300B and 7591. Since I took delivery of the mighty Prodigy, I havenít taken it out of the system. I want to try one of Richardís 845 amplifiers.

Chris, Canada

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