Sophia Electric™ Sweetheart Tube Amplifier

Sweetheart amplifier

Price: USD$2995

Designers: Dr. DWU and Richard Wugang

Voiced by: Richard Wugang's team

Sonic characters and performance: Warm Lush, yet very natural. Easy spirit. Full mid-range with no shortage of highs and bass extensions. Very magical sound at affordable price for middle class music lovers and audiophiles under budget.

Transformers and chokes: Sophia Electric in house made with high end quality iron material and pure OFC copper.

Other Parts:
Capacitors: Blackgate, Sophia Electric, ICC, CDE.
Resistors: Allen Bradley, Dale, Sophia Electric.


Power: Integrated Dual-Mono 30 watts x 2, Stereo Push-pull circuit design
Inputs: Five sets of RCA inputs.
Output tubes: 6CA7/KT77/EL34 family tubes x 4 units
Frequency: 7Hz - 30 KHz at -+3dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: -90dB
Hum: 2mv with AC tube filament
net Weight: 50 pounds
Dimensions: 8" H x 18" W x 12" D
AC Power: 120V/60Hz USA model or 230V/50Hz European/Asian model
Required break in time: 50 hours on tubes, 100-200 hours on output transformers
Warranty: One Year parts and labor, one year for Sophia Electric brand tubes, 6 month for non-Sophia Electric tubes. Reasonable cost for upgrades and repair (when needed) in our facility in Virginia or California, USA

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