User Feedback for S.E.T.™ Music EL-34 Amplifier
By Mr. Ryan Fillmann


I wanted to write and tell you how much of a difference your EL-34 amplifier has made in my system.  In short, it is unbelievable what you have
accomplished at this price point.  I have been searching for the right amplifier for many years and have never been quite satisfied... until now.  I believe I have found that very elusive "live" sound everyone seems to be searching for. There is a presence about this amp that must be heard to

Anyone searching for an Integrated Amplifier in any price range, really owe it to themselves to check this one out.  They may, very well, end up saving themselves quite a bit of money!  I'm sure many pieces of my set-up will come and go, but I believe this amp is here to stay.  That is until
I'm ready to move up to the 845 or 300B and even then I'll hang on to my EL-34! 

Thanks for all of your time and help Richard.  Feel free to direct anyone with questions my way.

Best wishes...

Ryan Fillmann

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